10 Cricket Facts And Information For Kids

On a warm summer evening you may notice the hum or chirping of crickets in the warm summer air. These crickets can get pretty loud in the garden and keep you up at night. Even those these crickets may be notice there are some interesting cricket facts you may not know.

10 Cricket Facts

10 Cool Chirpy Cricket Facts

  1. Tortoises, lizards, and frogs enjoy eating crickets
  2. In order to attract female crickets a male chirps. A male is also the only cricket that can chirp
  3. A female cricket can lay up to 200 eggs at one time
  4. Crickets are omnivores
  5. The quicker the cricket chirps means the warmer the temperature. A cricket will actual increase the speed at which they chirp based on the temperature. Slower for cooler and faster for warmer
  6. Normally a cricket is nocturnal which means they are up during the night and this is why you normally hear them chirping at night
  7. In order for a cricket to chirp they rum their wings together to make the sound
  8. A cricket needs warm weather to have energy as they are cold blooded insects. When they lose energy because of the colder temperature their chirping slows down
  9. In the Chinese and Japanese culture a cricket is considered good luck
  10. In Vietnam and Cambodia the people actually eat crickets

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