10 Rat Facts That Will Make You Love Them As A Pet

If you are a person who is considering what animal to get and are unsure of what to get maybe you should consider a rat. I know the stereotype is that they are gross and not rodents that should be pets. However after you read these rat facts you are sure to change your mind.

Rat Facts

10 Intriguing Rat Facts

  1. A rat is an amazing climber because they get a great sense of balance from their tails
  2. This may be very surprising but rats are extremely clean rodents. Rats spend many hours everyday cleaning themselves and others in their group. They are actually less likely to transmit parasites and viruses then dogs and cats
  3. Rats love to snack and their diet should consist of a good amount of veggies and fruits
  4. One of the first animals to make a trip to outer space was the rat. They are excellent little adventurers
  5. They actually enjoy swimming and make as great swimmers
  6. It is important to have more than one rat as they are very social animals
  7. A rat can be taught tricks and even learn their name! They are very smart little creatures
  8. There is a breed of rat called the Dumbo rat which has big adorable ears
  9. Rats love to nap and will nap up to 76% of the daylight hours
  10. Rats love to snuggle and hang out on your shoulder or in your hair


So there you have it, 10 fun rat facts that I am sure not everyone was aware of. Especially the point about rats being extremely clean animals. This may make you change your mind about getting a rat as a pet now!

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