Teacup Pig Facts – 13 Things You May Not Know

If you are looking for a new type of pet and haven’t considered a teacup pig you should think again. Here are some teacup pig facts to change your mind about having a cute little pig as a pet.

13 Teacup Pig Facts

Fun Teacup Pig Facts

  1. Did you know that the average pig is found to be smarter than the average 3 – 5 year old?
  2. Pigs are hypoallergenic. This is great for people with allergies but want to have a pet in the house
  3. Pigs are the third smartest animal alongside with chimpanzees and dolphins
  4. Teacup pigs don’t sweat. They will need frequent baths in cool mud or water in order to cool them down as they are unable to sweat
  5. They have a great sense of direction. So if your teacup pig gets lost don’t worry as they will likely find their way home
  6. Teacup pigs are smaller than regular pigs but can still grow up to 65 pounds or more! Their height can also reach 16 inches. Compared to regular pigs who can get up to 800 or 1,200 lbs these teacup pigs are small in comparison
  7. An important teacup pig fact is that they are not allowed in every city as they are considered livestock and not house pets. Therefore its important to make sure they are legal in your city to have as a pet before getting one
  8. They require a lot of attention and affection. These mini pigs love attention and need regular care such as a good bath to keep clean
  9. They make adorable sounds such as barks, honks, grunts and squeals
  10. A teacup pig is also known as a: miniature pig, micropig or mini pig
  11. They only weigh around 9 ounces when they are born
  12. These pigs come in a variety of colors such as: black, silver, red, white, tan or rusty
  13. They are a combination of multiple breed such as: Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth pig and potbellied pigs