15 Interesting Facts About Donkeys That You May Not Know About

We regularly make use of the term ‘ ‘ass’ or donkey’ to diss others or pull a joke or two but not a lot of people understand that donkeys are unbelievable creatures with remarkable physical strength and superior memory. So, it’s all about time that we learn to value of this incredible creature and learn several intriguing donkey facts.

20 Donkey Facts

15 Donkey Facts

  1. A donkey has an excellent memory. They are able to remember another donkey or a place they visited 25 years ago!
  2. In order to keep cool in hot and desert conditions they use their big ears
  3. A donkey that is properly cared for can live to be roughly 40 years old
  4. Donkey’s are not adventurous animals in that they will never do anything they consider to be unsafe or dangerous
  5. Because of their large ears a donkey can hear another donkey as far as 60 miles away in the proper desert conditions
  6. Unlike a horse a donkey has the ability to make decisions in order to ensure their safety independently of being told to do something
  7. Donkeys hate the rain and its possible for a donkey to affect their health if they stay out a long period of time in the rain
  8. In order to keep themselves clean a donkey will help clean another donkey just like how monkeys and chimps do
  9. One of a donkeys favorite pastimes is to roll around on the ground
  10. Donkeys have numerous names such as: ass, burro, and jackstock. However the most scientifically accurate name is ‘ass’ and a burros normally refers to a wild donkey
  11. Often a horse and a donkey are crossbred. The baby of a male donkey and a female horse is called a Mule
  12. A female donkey also goes by the name of a Jennet or Jenny and a male donkey is often called a Jack
  13. Did you know that in Britain a donkey needs a passport?
  14. The highest number of donkeys in the entire world live in China
  15. A donkey can be scared or startled very easily. Unlike a horse they are all about safety first