15 Ferret Facts For People Who Love Ferrets

Ferrets are cool little creatures that can make great pets. They are adventurous and have gained great popularity in recent years. Read over these fun ferret facts so you can learn a little bit more about the fun furry little animals.

15 Ferret Facts

15 Ferret Facts

  1. Did you know that the latin word for a ferret is, Mustela putorius furo which translates to ‘smelly little thief’?
  2. A group of ferrets is called a ‘business’
  3. Ferrets love sleep. They love sleep so much that they can sleep up to 14 – 18 hours a day!
  4. A vasectomised male ferret is called a ‘hoblet’, a male ferret is a ‘hob’ and a de-sexed male ferret is called a ‘gib’
  5. A de-sexed female ferret is called a ‘sprite’ and a female ferret is called a ‘jill’
  6. Behind cats and dogs a ferret has become the third most popular pet in the United States
  7. Ferrets were originally domesticated for hunting as they do not naturally occur in the wild
  8. A Ferret can be trained and is willing to learn how to use a litter box
  9. Ferrets are animals that love to chew so it is important that you keep things you love away from them and especially power cords as they could get hurt significantly
  10. A ferret is a crepuscular, which means that they are most active at dusk and dawn
  11. Ferret love to steal and hide things. So don’t be surprised if your keys or your remote control for your TV go missing
  12. Ferrets are not rodents
  13. Ferrets that are less than a year old are called ‘Kits’
  14. A jill can have one to fifteen kits in one litter
  15. A ferret develops their full personality in 8 to 10 weeks

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