Goldfish Facts – 20 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Fish

Would you like to know some mind-blowing amazing goldfish facts that you may have never heard of before?

If you do then you must consider yourself very lucky because you’ve come to the right blog post. Below are 20 of the best goldfish facts you can know about your favorite fish.

We will jump straight in the the facts and not waste any of your time.

20 Super Duper Cool Goldfish Facts

  1. This may not be a surprise but the goldfish is the most popular fish that lives in a aquarium in the world
  2. It is only a myth that a goldfish has a memory of only 3 seconds. In reality there are things they can remember from five months ago
  3. A goldfish does not have any taste buds on their tongues but rather on their lips
  4. Did you know if you were to keep a goldfish in the dark it would eventually turn white?
  5. A goldfish will eat any fish that it can fit in its mouth including its own babies!
  6. Goldfish cannot blink
  7. Goldfish can recognize faces.  Not only faces but they can also recognize colors, sounds and shapes!
  8. A goldfish can live longer than any other domestic fish and it has been documented that they can live up to their mid 40’s!
  9. You can actually train a goldfish to do tricks!
  10. Goldfish do not have stomachs
  11. Goldfish Facts

  12. A goldfish will eat its own poop. Yuck!
  13. A group of goldfish are called a “troubling”
  14. A goldfish does sleep but is unable to close its eyes
  15. There have been some cases of goldfish being albino
  16. The biggest goldfish on record was 18.7 inches from tail to nose which is as BIG as a cat!
  17. If you were to breed a koi and a goldfish that baby would be unable to have babies
  18. Do not overfeed a goldfish as it will eat itself to death as it has no control over when to stop eating
  19. There are over 300 difference varieties of goldfish and that’s more than any other species
  20.  Did you know that when a goldfish lays eggs it can lay over 1,000 eggs at one time?
  21. A goldfish actually makes sounds but you cannot hear them.  Researches have used technology to be able to detect grunting and squealing noises when a goldfish fights and eats


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  1. Really cool facts, I have been keeping fish and Aquascapping for a long time and never knew about them eating other fish and their own babies! great write up, keep them coming 🙂

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