20 Horse Facts That Are Very Interesting

If you are a person who loves horses you will love these interesting horse facts below.

20 Amazing Horse Facts

Horses are fantastic and beautiful creatures but they are also very expensive to own. Learn more about horses with these 20 horse facts.

20 Horse Facts

  1. Did you know that a female horse is called a ‘mare’ and that a male horse is called a ‘stallion’?
  2. If the horse is young it has a different name. A male horse who is young is called a ‘colt’ and a female is called a ‘fillies’
  3. A horse has a total of 205 bones in its body
  4. Just a few hours after a baby horse is born it can walk and run
  5. A horse is a herbivore which means that it only eats plants
  6. In total there are more than 300 different breeds of horses in the world
  7. In Italy for the first time ever a horse was successfully cloned
  8. Compared to the size of a horse its brain is only 22 ounces which makes it only have the weight of a human brain
  9. The old breed of horse is thought to be an Arab which experts believe first appeared roughly 4,500 years ago
  10. Studies have shown that horses have an excellent memory (despite there small brain size) and it may be even better than an elephant
  11. If a horse is to gallop it means that all 4 hooves will be off the ground at some point
  12. Unlike a lot of other mammals it is impossible for a horse to vomit
  13. A horse loves to drink water and on a daily basis drinks roughly 25 gallons of water. In warmer climates that amount is a lot higher
  14. A horse has huge teeth and they actually take up more space than their brain
  15. The tallest horse on record was Sampson a Shire horse and it stood an amazing 21.2 hands high
  16. A tamed horse usually lives roughly 25 years. However the oldest horse on record lived till he was 62 years old!
  17. A group of horses will look out for each other and therefore not all sleep at the same time. One will always stay awake to watch for the others
  18. A horse makes a movement that looks like ‘smiling’ or ‘laughing’ which is done to help them smell better
  19. It was thought by experts that horses were completely colour-bind, but it was proven this was false. However a horse can see some colours more clearly than others
  20. Like humans a horse uses different facial expressions to express its mood