30 Bearded Dragon Facts And Information For Kids

A bearded dragon is known by this name because of its “beard” that it has underneath on its throat. If you love this pet and want to learn more about them here are some interesting bearded dragon facts that you can share with your friends at school.

Bearded Dragon Facts

The bearded dragon is a relatively new pet to have as people started having them as pets within the last 20 years.

If you love learn pet facts and knowing interesting information about the pets that you have then you will surely love these thirty bearded dragon facts below.

30 Fun Bearded Dragon Facts

  1. This lizard gets its name by having the ability to puff out its throat to look like a beard and also turn it black when it feels threatened or scared
  2. They live in a semi-desert environment and come from South-East Australia
  3. Because a bearded dragon can hold its legs in a locked position it has the ability to sleep while standing up
  4. They are extremely fast runners for their size and can run up to 9 MPH or 15.5 KPH. This helps when they need to escape predators
  5. This lizard is actually a protected species in their native Australia and are no longer hunted in Australia
  6. Just under half of their length is made up by the tail of the bearded dragon
  7. In order to make themselves look larger to predators they will use their beard to puff out of their neck
  8. In total there are 8 different species of bearded dragons
  9. At least 20% of their food intake should be vegetables and fruit
  10. If a bearded dragon gets too hot they will open their mouth wide and almost paint like a dog would to keep cooler
  11. Since a bearded dragon is constantly breeding and possibly living in poor conditions they can unfortunately die early
  12. They make great pets because they have a kind temperament and are friendly creatures
  13. In order to claim a spot in the sun a bearded dragon that is more dominant than another one will often climb on or lay on a another bearded dragon that is less dominant
  14. The scientific genus name for the breaded dragon is Pogona. They are part of 300 different species of lizards.
  15. They will actually lose their teeth in their prey but they will grow back
  16. A male bearded dragon will have multiple partners to mate with throughout its life
  17. They are omnivorous which means they will eat fruits, vegetables and light food
  18. A baby bearded dragon needs its food chopped up finely as it cannot chew as well as adults
  19. These lizards like it hot during the day and a bit cooler at night. Roughly 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the day and 70 degrees at night
  20. There is a period in the year where the bearded lizard will rest a lot just like hibernation. During this period they will rest and sleep a lot. This time period is called brumation
  21. In captivity a bearded dragon will actually have a shorter lifespan than in the wild. In the wild they will live roughly 12 years while in captivity they will live around 10 years
  22. Even though there is very little water in their natural habitat a bearded dragon enjoy swimming around in water
  23. They can grow between 13 to 24 inches in length
  24. A bearded dragon can go weeks without eating and therefore they can live in harsh environments. However they do love to eat
  25. They have excellent eyesight which means they can spot their prey from a long distance away
  26. When they are born they only measure roughly 4 inches in length
  27. A baby bearded dragon only weighs 2 grams which is around the weight of 5 paper clips
  28. Female bearded dragons have smaller heads than the males
  29. Often in the wild they will run on only 2 legs to run faster and get away from predators
  30. Additionally they will run on 2 legs in order to cool their bodies off from the heat


So there you have it folks – 30 amazing bearded dragon facts that you can share with your friends!

Hope you loved this blog post and stay tuned for more interesting pet facts coming soon to the blog.