30 Facts About Hamsters

This page of facts about hamsters is designed to give you a clear explanation regarding nature and the character of hamsters.

Hamsters are some of the most adorable and finest pets you could potentially have.

Facts About Hamsters

Here are 30 fun facts about hamsters to get you started should you be trying to find some fun and fascinating facts about hamsters to help with a homework assignment or perhaps only satisfying your curiosity about hamsters.

30 Fun Facts About Hamsters

    1. Hamsters come from different areas of Asia which comprises the north of China, Siberia, the Middle East and Asia Minor
    2. They live in warm, dry places like deserts which are quite dry and do not have much water. However plants and trees still exist in this climate that hamsters live in
    3. Syrian hamsters are the most popular kind of hamster. They’re also called golden hamsters or teddy bear
    4. Hamsters are easy to care for and don’t need lots of attention from their owners during the day like other pets including dogs do
    5. Hamsters are rodents, which means they are cousins to other rodents like gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs
    6. They’re omnivores which means that they actually love eating vegetables, seeds, plants and some insects
    7. They will construct burrows underground to create their houses and are really good at digging
    8. Hamster burrows comprise of rooms and a variety of tunnels called chambers that they dig themselves. So they’ve distinct places to sleep in like we do and to eat
    9. If a hamster needs to it is able to hold its weight in food in its mouth
    10. Are you aware that hamsters have big cheeks they use to take food and store it for periods of time? This explains why they can hold their weight in food in their mouth!
    11. A hamster is a very delicate animal and needs to be handled with care
    12. In total a hamster has 16 teeth
    13. Did you know that a hamsters teeth never stop growing? In order to keep their teeth in check they are required to grind their teeth
    14. To grind their teeth a hamster will chew on wood and twigs
    15. A hamster will only live between 2 to 3 years

15 More Exciting Facts Coming…

  1. Did you know that a mother hamster can carry her children in her mouth pouch if required to move her children from danger
  2. In 1936 was when the hamster was brought to the United States from Syria for the first time
  3. If a hamster is provoked they will protect themselves by biting very hard. It’s extremely painful (trust me I know from first hand experience…)
  4. Hamsters are colorblind and therefore do not see color
  5. In fact hamsters do not have very good eyesight and are near-sighted which means they cannot focus on things far away
  6. Just like guinea pigs a male hamster is called a ‘boar’ and a female hamster is called a ‘sow’
  7. Additionally just like a guinea pig a baby hamster is called a ‘pup’
  8. A hamster loves to have lots of things in their cage so they can dig and burrow within their cage
  9. A hamster is born without hearing or sight and its not until they are 2 weeks old until they can see and hear
  10. Hamsters have five rear toes and four front toes
  11. It’s common for a hamster to have around 8 children
  12. A hamster can run backwards as well as forwards
  13. Like many other animals a hamster using the nails on their paws to help grip objects like their food
  14. The smallest and lightest hamster type is a Roborovski hamster which only weighs 20 to 24 grams which is actually lighter then a small bag of chips
  15. A hamster can run up to 4 miles per hour and are surprisingly fast runners for their size


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  1. Reading this I just recall one more fascinating fact about hamster – If the temperature drops below 5°C (40° F) they may hibernate and sometimes never wake up again.

    • Hi James – thanks for sharing the helpful tip for hamster owners.

      Definitely something important to know about if you plan to have a hamster as a pet.

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