5 Ways To Know That Your Dog Loves You

Dogs have socialized with humans for thousands of years and in that time, individuals have learned that dogs have a specific way of communication with them that are unique to dogs.

Recently, there are an increasing variety of studies analyzing how they communicate and the way dogs think and socialize with people.

5 Ways To Know That Your Dog Loves You

These studies are showing things that are fascinating. Like dogs pick up micro-signs from people and they help their buddies.

They may be additionally show ways how dogs and people bond. For more information on how you know your dog loves you check out the awesome list below.

1. When you are stared at by a dog, it means they love you

When being interviewed by Anderson Cooper, Brian Hare, a well known dog pro, said that when your dog looks you in the eye, he is “embracing you with his eyes”.

Such a loving look is exactly the same hormone that helps mothers bond with their infants, release oxytocin.

This doesn’t mean you should purposely stare into your dogs eyes (that’s unnerving to anyone), just allow it to come naturally during play and your regular routine.

2. If your dog brings you something they cherish like their favorite dog toy it shows their love

You know your dog loves you when they bring you their favorite toy. Dogs do not share their toys with everyone and the famous saying of “sharing is caring” holds true here.

You should know that your dog loves you when they share their toys with you. Especially if they share their toys with you without you having to ask them to share the toy with you.

3. When a dog needs to sleep with you rather than alone, it means you’re family to him

If your dog likes to sleep more in your bed then in their own bed then you know your dog loves you.

What can show you more affection then a dog wanting to sleep with you in your own bed? If you sleep in bed with your spouse who you love then having your dog want to sleep in bed with you as well makes sense.

4. If you notice your dog looks at you quietly and contently before you leave its because they trust that you will come back

You know that your dog loves you when you get that look that they trust you.

If your dog doesn’t love you when you leave they would get very scared and worked up when you left because they would be worried you wouldn’t come home.

However on the other hand a dog that trusts you and loves you is one that gives you a look of love and content when you leave as they trust you will be home again soon.

5. Dogs use their body language and their eyes to tell you if they trust you and let you know what they may be feeling

Dogs have subtle facial signals if they enjoy something.

A study in Japan shown that when dogs saw their people, they lifted their eyebrows (particularly the left one), but if they saw a stranger, they didn’t often respond whatsoever, or if they did, they simply arched their right eyebrow.

The study found dogs did the same subtle signally with toys they enjoyed or didn’t enjoy, transferring the right ear, and transferring back their left ear if they enjoyed the toy dog if they didn’t enjoy the toy dog.