Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sage

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Sage

Before we go into details to answer this question we should talk a bit about common sage the herb. It is an evergreen subshrub with woody stems a purple and blueish color flowers and grayish leaves.

Sage is a staple as a cooking herb and is a natural clean agent and therefore it makes sense to ask if bearded dragons can safely eat sage or not as its pretty healthy for people to eat.

So the answer to this question isn’t 100% straightforward. Some people think it is safe and other says it is unsafe to feed sage to your bearded dragon. Therefore you should be cautious when feeding this herb to your bearded dragon.

If you are fully uncomfortable in this food then don’t feed sage to them at all. However, in small quantities as a rare occasions from time to time sage should be fine for a bearded dragon to eat. Just don’t make it a staple of their diet and give it to them too often.

If you are still worried you can also go down to your local pet shop to get some more answers about if bearded dragons can eat sage or not.