Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hornworms (aka Goliath Worms)?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Hornworms (aka Goliath Worms)?

Yes, actually hornworms should take up the largest portion of the bearded dragon’s protein diet.

There are many other types of worms that can be part of your bearded dragons diet but most of them should be occasional treats and not take up a significant portion of a bearded dragons protein portion of their diet.

Some occasional treat insects include:

  • Phoenix Worms
  • Super Worms
  • Earthworms
  • Silkworms
  • Butter Worms
  • Wax Worms
  • Mealworms

But as mentioned above the staple insect prey for a bearded dragon should be horn worms along with crickets and dubia roaches.

A great thing about horn worms when it comes to feeding your pet is that you can simply grab it and hold it in front of them and they will swipe it up with their tongue.

For the most part bearded dragons are very docile reptiles and therefore hand feeding is great.

More Information About Hornworms

They are a large and soft-bodied caterpillar. They have a bridge green color and are similar to silkworms (besides the color).

This type of worm can grow up to 4 inches very quickly.

One of the benefits of feeding horn worms to your bearded dragon is that they are good portion of their protein diet and are a great stimulant food because of their bright color.

Horn worms are a good source of hydration and nutrition for bearded dragons.

Their nutritional content consists of:

  • 3.07% Fat
  • 46.4mg/100mg of Calcium
  • 85% Moisture
  • 9% Protein

Many pet owners only give this worm as a treat to their beardie but should be giving it as a staple food. The reason why most pet owners opt for this option is because this type of worm is typically a bit more pricey then feeding other types of worms.


Yes! Bearded dragons can safely eat horn worms (aka Goliath Worms) as part of their protein portion of their diet.