Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cantaloupe?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cantaloupe?

Yes, they can but only as an occasional treat as this fruit is high in sugars and water content which are not good for a bearded dragons diet.

Some of the benefits of cantaloupes for bearded dragons are that this fruit contains Vitamin A and C which are good for their health.

But as mentioned they have many aspects that aren’t great for a bearded dragons diet and therefore moderation is key. If your bearded dragons is healthy (not overweight) then a small piece or two a week is more than enough.

If you notice any negative health side effects or that your bearded dragon isn’t going to the bathroom make sure to stop giving this fruit to them.

If your bearded dragons doesn’t go to the bathroom within 7 days this is a serious issue and you should get your bearded dragon to a reptile vet as soon as possible.

Another way you can help your beardie is by giving them a warm bath and gently rubbing their belly to help with bowel movements.

Another thing to consider is removing the shell/peel of the cantaloupe in order to make it easier for them to eat it.

Also cut up the cantaloupe into smaller pieces to avoid choking hazards.


Yes, bearded dragons can eat cantaloupe but only in small quantities if they are healthy. Also avoid the skin.