Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Tree Frogs?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Green Tree Frogs?

The green tree frog is typically very small in stature and has very brightly colored body.

It has long toes that have adhesive disks which allow it to climb and stick to things very easily and is an arboreal frog.

Around the world there are many different species and sub-families of tree frogs. This particular frog is from the family Hylidae.

Surprisingly many of these frogs actually do not live in trees but instead are semiaquatic or terrestrial.

So can bearded dragons eat green tree frogs?

No, they cannot for 3 reasons:

  • They are toxic to bearded dragons
  • There is the danger that this type of frog could be carrying parasites
  • Bearded dragons cannot digest the skin or the bones of this frog

Therefore it is best for a bearded dragon to not eat any green tree frogs as they are definitely bad for their health.