Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pistachios?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pistachios?

The pistachio is a member of the cashew family and came from a small tree that originated in the Middle East and Central Asia.

This small tree produces seeds which are edible and widely consumed as food across the world.

The pistachio has a soft shell that needs to be crack open and removed before eaten.

The pistachio has a lot of health benefits such as:

  • rich source of energy
  • high in antioxidant phytochemical substances
  • excellent source of vitamin E
  • packed with B-complex groups
  • they include minerals such as copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium
  • pistachio oil extracted from kernels produce the healthiest cooking oils


So Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pistachios?

Before answering we should look at the nutritional facts of pistachios.

In particular the fat, calcium, acidic content, sugar, fibre, water, and phosphorus content.

The main thing that is worrisome about pistachios for bearded dragons is the very high amounts of acidic content and fat.

Therefore bearded dragonsĀ cannotĀ eat pistachios because they are too high in bad content for this lizard.

Make sure you avoid feeding this nut to your bearded dragon.