Can Bearded Dragons Eat Purple Kale?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Purple Kale?

With a very strong cabbage flavor purple kale is an attractive looking vegetable. The flavor is more intense than green or even black kale.

Before the purple kale is cooked the fibrous stems need to be removed.

When cooked the leaves go soft and are chewy. When the leaves are fresh they have a a semi-crisp texture.

There are shades of green and vibrant purple colors in this type of kale.

So Can Bearded Dragons Eat Purple Kale?

Before we answer that we need to look at the nutritional facts of purple kale to see if its safe for bearded dragons to eat this veggie.

The main components of purple kale that affect bearded dragons are:

  • protein
  • sugar
  • calcium
  • acidic content
  • fat
  • fibre

Another important factor is the calcium to phosphorus ratio. Ideally between 1:1 and 2:1 is best for a bearded dragon.

Since purple kale has large amounts of water and acidic content with a hint of salt and phosphorus content purple kale is not good for bearded dragons to eat.

Therefore do not feed purple kale to a bearded dragon as its bad for their health and there are better things to feed them.