Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tofu?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tofu?

When people think tofu they normally think vegetarian.  Tofu is usually a good substitute for meat in most meals when you are a vegetarian.

Tofu is made out of water, coagulant, soybeans, or curdling agent.

It has the renown ability to absorb the flavors of other foods through spices and marinades.

Initially this food was most popular in Asian culture for centuries but has now become more popular in western culture as it can be mainly used for vegan and vegetarian dishes.

So can bearded dragons eat tofu safely?

Nutritional Data

tofu (soft, typical)
Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 291 kJ (70 kcal)
Carbohydrates 1.5 g
Fat 3.5 g
Saturated 0.5 g
Protein 8 g
Calcium (13%) 130 mg
Iron (8%) 1.10 mg
Sodium (0%) 4 mg

Because of all the fat content if you were to feed tofu to your bearded dragon it would make them sick.

Additionally soyabeans are toxic to bearded dragons and therefore it makes this food very dangerous for beardies to eat.

Therefore make sure to never feed tofu to your bearded dragon.