Can Cats Eat Honey?

Can Cats Eat Honey?

The quick and short answer to this question is YES cats can safely eat raw, unprocessed honey in moderation as part of their diet.

More Detailed Answer

Having given the answer above doesn’t mean there are a lot of precautions that should be taken before considering giving honey to your cat.

It is important to note that not all honey is created equally and a lot of honey’s are very processed and bad for both humans and cats alike. As well its good to know that too much honey can make a cat sick.

But the right amount of honey in a cats diet can be good for them as it is rich in antioxidants and lots of anti-bacterial properties.

As mentioned as well moderation is key when it comes to honey. Raw unprocessed honey needs to be given in very small quantities to a cat at first as it could make them sick.

Cats need to get use to the taste of the honey and a lot of cats will not like the taste and completely avoid it altogether.

The good thing though about cats is that for the most part is that they are picky eaters and are very unlikely to eat a whole jar of honey at once because it is so sweet. Therefore they are less likely to get sick from it because over overindulgence.

On the other hand dogs you need to be super careful about as they will eat a ton of something all at once if they like it and then possibly get sick afterwards.

Another thing to mention if you haven’t gathered this already from the article is that raw unprocessed honey is not on the poisonous list for cats but if a cat was to eat too much of it they would most likely get sick.

Benefits of Honey for Cats

One of the benefits of eating honey for a cat is that it can help with a cats sore throat.

In small quantities a bit of honey can help comfort a cat when they are suffering from a sore throat.

The best way to give honey to a cat suffering from a sore throat is to dilute it in a bit of water which makes it less sticky. Then the honey is less likely to stick to the roof of the cats mouth and therefore easier to digest.

Cats for the most part have difficulty digesting honey and that is why small quantities is a must.

Another benefit of honey for cats is that it can help with their immune system when they are fighting a cold or a cough.

Honey for Cats with Allergies

One thing that honey can also help with is allergies for cats.

Honey contains local pollen’s which can help alleviate the symptoms of allergies.

However, it is important to speak with your vet before taking this course of action with your cat. They can give you recommendations on the best way to treat your cats allergy problems.

How much honey can cats have?

At first you need to start really slowly and only give half a teaspoon and see how your cat reacts to the new food.

It is possible they will experience vomiting, allergic reactions or diarrhea. In this case stop feeding your cat honey immediately and watch your cat to make sure they do not have any other symptoms. If symptoms get worse it would be best to contact your vet.

If your cat is fine after an hour or so you can give another half a teaspoon of honey.

Make sure to not do more than this every week as too much honey can cause cats to have issues.

As well the amount of honey you give to a cat will depend on its size. Small cats should have less and a larger cat could have up to a teaspoon of raw unprocessed honey.

Cautions with Honey

One thing that is important to remember that moderation is key. Too much honey can cause cats to have health issues such as diarrhea, vomiting and allergic reactions.

Another thing to consider is that too much honey can be a choking hazard for cats as it can stick to the roof of their mouth and cause problems.

Additionally cats that are overweight should not be given honey as honey contains a lot of calories and can cause them to become more obese.


Yes, cats can eat honey in moderation if its unprocessed and raw.

Honey should never be given to cats that are overweight as it can cause more issues for weight for them.

Sometimes diluting the honey is best to make it less sticky and avoid choking hazards for your cat.

If you have any questions or concerns about feeding honey to your cat make sure to speak with a vet before giving it to your pet.