Can Cats Eat Pizza?

Can Cats Eat Pizza?

Pizza is a great Italian food that comes with a variety of toppings.

It is often considered an unhealthy food because of all the different toppings that contain large amounts of fat and salt and other unhealthy ingredients.

Pizzas  come with a variety of thicknesses in crust and come in more healthy options as well now with gluten free pizzas.

So can cats eat pizza?

No, it is not recommended that you give pizza to your cat as it does not have any nutritional value for them and could also potentially cause health issues.

You are better of feeding foods with nutritional value to your cat such as cat food.

Things such as cheese which is on almost all pizzas is bad for cats as diary in general isn’t good for cats.

Also processed and cooked foods can cause trouble with a cats digestion.

Therefore make sure that your cat does not eat pizza as it would be bad for their health.