Can Cats Eat Steak?

Can Cats Eat Steak?

Many people believe that steak is bad for them and it can lead to heart disease and because of this steak is possibly bad for their cats as well.

However what some people do not realize is that steak and beef in general can also be an excellence source of important nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Some of the great positive health benefits of steak include the levels of iron, protein, zinc and B-complex vitamins to name a few.

So Can Cats Eat Steak?

Yes, cats can safely eat fresh raw steak and it is good for their diets.

Cats are obligated carnivores and they need the nutrients from fresh raw meats and therefore it is great to give fresh raw steak to them as part of their diet.

It is important to remember that it is quickly fresh steak and not cooked as that is how cats would eat their food in the wild.

If it is older steak it is better suited for dogs or cooked and eaten by humans.

Make sure that the steak does not include any seasoning as well and is all natural.

So yes cats can eat steak as long as it is fresh, raw and without seasonings.