Can Chickens Eat Pumpkins

Can Chickens Eat Pumpkins

Yes, chickens can actually eat pumpkins and their seeds and there are good for them! Pumpkins are full of rich nutrients which are great for a chickens health.

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Around Halloween each year many people like to carve pumpkins and put them on display but after they are used what do people do with them? This is why many people may ask the question if I have a chicken can it safely eat pumpkins?

And as mentioned above it is great to know that the guts and the seeds of a pumpkin are totally safe for a chicken to eat.

Pumpkins are actually packed with nutrients such as Vitamins: A, B and C as well as zinc.

In addition the seeds are loaded with Vitamin E which is great for a chickens health.

Another great thing about feeding pumpkins to your chicken is that many people believe that it is a great way to deworm a chicken.

Next time you are carving a pumpkin all you need to do is keep all the stringy parts, the seeds, the cut off parts from the face and feed them all to your chicken!

Make sure to only feed the fresh pumpkin pieces to your chicken and not the rotten or moldy bits.


Yes! Chickens can safely eat pumpkins and they are good for their health as they are packed with rich nutrients.