Can Chinchillas Eat Fabric?

Can Chinchillas Eat Fabric?

Fabric consists of a network of artificial or natural fibres often referred to as yarn or thread that are woven together into a flexible material.

The fibres are created by spinning raw fibres of cotton, wool, flax or other materials to make long strands.

Textiles then can be created by knotting, crocheting, knitting, weaving, or pressing fibres together.

If a chinchilla is left alone it will often go around the house looking for things to chew on including fibre that may be clothing or part of furniture.

So can chinchillas eat fabric?

If a chinchilla happens to chew on a bit of fabric they should be fine. However they definitely should not be swallowing it or given it on purpose.

Make sure to keep scraps of fabric or anything they could easily get away from them so you avoid them from eating fabric.

Also it will be bad for your furniture if your chinchilla decides to chew on it.