Can Chinchillas Eat Lava Rock

Can Chinchillas Eat Lava Rock

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Can Chinchillas Eat Lava Rock?

It is actually come for many chinchilla owners to purchase lava rocks for their chins in order for them to bite and grind their teeth down on the rocks.

It is actually important for a chinchilla to grind their teeth down on a regular basis because their teeth constantly grow their whole life and need to be worn down throughout their lives.

So can chinchillas eat Lava rock safely?

Yes, it is safe for a chinchilla to grind their teeth on lava rocks.

It is important to note that some chins will like while others will not like it. It depends on your pet.

It is critical to make sure that there are no chemicals on the rocks such as bbq starter or anything else.

You want to make sure it is safe for your chinchilla to chew on this type of rock without having anything on it.

Chinchillas all have their own personality so it is up to them whether they will like the taste or not. Give it a try and see if your pet likes lava rocks or not.