Can Chinchillas Eat Loofah?

Loofah is also known as Luffa is usually used to make bath and shower products.  They are great for cleaning your skin.

Loofah products often get imported from Asia, Egypt, and Central America.

So can chinchillas eat loofah at all?

Yes, but with a few conditions.

  • Paper products can get caught in their intestines and can cause swelling and blockage damage
  • Therefore you will need to grow organic loofah yourself that is dried
  • Will need to make sure it is small pieces so it is not a choking hazard
  • If you have the right loofah it is good for their teeth
  • You can get loofah from a specialty pet store which should be safe for your chinchilla
  • Do not buy a loofah that is a bath product as it will contain bad things such as bleach on the product

If you are unsure of the type of loofah to give to your chinchilla is it best to avoid giving this product to your pet.