Can Dogs Drink Eggnog?

Can Dogs Drink Eggnog?

No, you should never try and give eggnog to your dog to drink as it will make them sick. 

Just because you can give eggnog to your dog doesn’t mean that you should. The reason being is there is a lot of ingredients in it that will make them sick.

Eggnog will cause dogs to have diarrhea, and upset stomach and an upset stomach.

You really shouldn’t give any amount of eggnog to your dog because in the long run it isn’t good for their health and has a high risk of getting them sick.

Therefore it is best to keep the eggnog away from your dog this holiday season and keep it for yourself only.

Another side note is that eggnog can also increase your dogs chance of getting diabetes because of the amount of sugar there is in eggnog.

It can also cause allergic reactions in some dogs as they could be lactose intolerant.

All the sugar is bad for dogs as well.

So in conclusion never try and give eggnog to your dog to drink!