Can Dogs Eat Ants

Can Dogs Eat Ants

Yes. It should be fine if your dog eats the occasion ant that it finds in your home. It is bound to happen over time that an ant will find it’s way into your dogs food bowl and accidentally become part of their meal.

However there are some dogs who will not eat their food if they find an ant crawling around in their kibble.

Even though ants can be annoying that can actually provide your dog with some extra Vitamin C and protein in their diet if they eat the ants.

However having mentioned this it isn’t a good idea to purposely go out of your way to feed ants to your dog. Only if it happens naturally by accident it should be fine.

One of the downfalls of ants though is the ant bites as they are annoying to dogs just like they are to humans.

To avoid inviting ants into your home the best option is to make sure the dog food is in sealed containers whenever your dog isn’t eating their food.


Yes it should be fine for your dog to eat ants but you should not give them to your dog on purpose. Ants can actually provide Vitamin C and protein into their diet as well.