Can Dogs Eat Artichoke?

Can Dogs Eat Artichoke?

Yes! Dogs can safely eat artichokes. Moderation is key though.

Artichokes are not toxic for dogs, nor are the stems, hearts or leaves. The only worry for dogs when it comes to eating artichokes is the possible digestive tract blockage.

In order to avoid this risk it is best to prepare the artichoke in easy to consume portions for your dog.

As with any human foods there is the risk of your dog vomiting or getting diarrhea from eating artichokes. Usually what happens is that new foods may not agree with your dogs system and therefore it can cause some issues.

The best option is to very slowly introduce new foods into your dogs life so they have a less chance of getting sick.

Health Benefits

The great thing about artichoke is that it has high levels of fiber, folic acid, Vitamin C and magnesium.

Also they are low in sodium, calories, cholesterol and fat.

Artichokes can help dogs with flatulence and irritable bowel issues.

As well the antioxidants can help defend against cancer, heart issues and premature aging. It can also help boost their immune system.

Additionally your dogs liver can benefit from eating artichokes.