Can Dogs Eat Baby Aspirin

Can Dogs Eat Baby Aspirin

For preventative reasons a lot of people that are older take baby aspirin. One of the main reasons is it is believed by doctors to be very heart healthy.

However just because baby aspirin is good for humans doesn’t necessarily mean it is good for dogs as well. Let’s look into this question and answer a little bit more.

Even though baby aspirin is made for babies it is still relatively powerful and can cause internal bleeding. This bleeding can occur in the brain and in the gastrointestinal tract.

Therefore just because its called baby aspirin can be misleading for some dog owners and they don’t realize this medicine isn’t very safe for their dogs to take.

Some vets says that baby aspirin is okay to give to your dog for pain only short term and that long term is very questionable at best.

So can dogs eat baby aspirin at all?

The answer isn’t very straight forward. It depends on who you ask. Many veterinarians will say to treat pain short term is okay and long term is bad for their health.

But if you are someone who is worried about your dogs health which you should be it would be best to speak with a vet before making any decisions about this medicine.

There is the possibly that baby aspirin could cause significant health problems for your dog and it is best for you to avoid these issues.

Overall a better alternative would be to get an apoquel prescription as it is a high quality pain tablet that is designed specially for dogs.

Ask your vet for more options and again if you are unsure just do not feed baby aspirin at all to your dog as it could be dangerous.