Can Dogs Eat Calamari

Can Dogs Eat Calamari

No – it is not recommended that you feed calamari to your dog for a few reasons.  Usually calamari is deep fried or breaded and this can cause digestive problems and also possibly allergy issues. As well calamari could make dogs sick because they are not use to this food.

Additionally there isn’t a lot of nutritional value in calamari to warrant feeding this food to your dogs.

More Detailed Answer

When you are having calamari as a family you may think to yourself from time to time if it is safe for your dog to eat calamari.

Calamari itself is a kind of edible seafood that is made of squid.  It is popular to eat in a lot of countries around the world in particularly in North America it is very common to eat it battered and deep fried.

When it comes to your dogs health it is never a good idea to feed them any food that is battered or deep fried or even fried. This can cause your dog all sorts of health concerns because of the fats and oils.

Some dog owners who often feed their dog raw diets feel that feeding your dog plain uncooked octopus or squid is safe and healthy as it provides protein that is low in fat.

However as a dog owner there are some health concerns you should be aware of when concerning feeding raw calamari to your dog.

Health Concerns

Some things to think about is the amount of calories, salt, and saturated feeds contained in calamari.

This can lead to weight gain and there is also the possible negative effects on the heart.

Additionally calamari can cause digestive issues for dogs. Especially dogs with sensitive stomachs. It can also cause dogs to experience diarrhea.

Other symptoms that may occur is vomiting and abdominal pain. Fever and depression may also occur.


Calamari is not recommended to be feed to your dog in any form.

There are just too many health risks associated with this food that it is best to avoid trying to feed calamari to your dog.

It is best to steak with the more common foods that are good for a dogs health.