Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

Cheerios are a nice breakfast food that a lot of people eat on a regular basis. It’s pretty healthy for you and tastes great. However ‘can dogs eat cheerios’ is the question you may be wondering as a dog owner.

Cheerios seem to be one of the safest foods on the market to eat so surely they are good for your dog as well.

However before we decide if cheerios are good or bad for your dog and if they can eat them lets look into this a bit more.

If you think about it even babies can eat cheerios without having any complications or issues.

Cheerios come in a variety of flavors and with the different types comes slightly different ingredients such as more or less sugar.

Excess sugar in your dogs diet can cause diabetes and other health issues for your pup.

Overall cheerios are known for being a healthy option for breakfast and good for the heart. However it is still important to be aware of the sugar content of the foods you plan on feeding your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?

Yes, you can feed cheerios to your dog however it is not the best snack for them.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends eating plain oat assortment of cheerios to help humans health but that doesn’t mean its the best food for your dog.

What is healthy for your dog is not necessarily healthy for you and vice versa.

If you want more advice on how this works it would be ideal to speak with your veterinarian to get information on what foods are good to feed to your dog.

Issues With Dogs Eating Cheerios

Canines will digest wheat a lot more quickly and distinctively than humans will.

Also some dogs may experience allergic reactions to wheat or other ingredients in Cheerios.

Wheat can cause gas, irritability and stomach pains in dogs. These same issues are less likely to happen with humans.

Also wheat does not provide any valuable nutrients or proteins that dogs require.

If you offer Cheerios to your dog it will not likely cause serious harm such as death but it will possibly cause some other side effects. The side effects may be unpleasant for your dog and could be avoided.

Additionally there is no nutritional value you are providing to your dog as Cheerios lack vitamins that your dog can absorb.

An option that is a bit less risky to give to your dog is the oatmeal version which has less side effects and lower sugar content as well.

Should You Give Your Dog Cheerios?

Now that we established that Cheerios are not the best for your dog should you still give them to your dog?

Cheerios should only be used as an occasional treat and can be used for training a puppy as a reward. Do not give Cheerios often to your dog as it isn’t good for them and won’t help their health in any way and may have some negative side effects.


Make sure you only give your dog plain Cheerios if you do and not the flavored ones. They often have a lot more sugar content which is bad for your dog.

Cheerios may cause a allergic reaction in your dog so be careful when feeding them to your dog. If you notice anything out of the ordinary take your dog to the vet immediately.


Can dogs eat cheerios? Yes, but its not recommended.

As a once of treat maybe you can give your dog a few cheerios but you shouldn’t give it to them on a regular basis.

They could cause an allergic reaction and may contain too much sugar.

As well they could give your dog digestive issues.