Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Can Dogs Eat Cherries

Can I Feed Cherries To My Dog?

No! You definitely should not try to feed any cherries to your dog as they are toxic for dogs. The level of toxicity for dogs ranges between generally mild to moderate.

The reason cherries are toxic for dogs is because everything besides the ripe pulp around the seeds contain cyanide. In larger amounts cyanide can cause a range of health issues for your dog. These symptoms include:

Bright red gums
dilated pupils
difficulty breathing
inadequate oxygen levels

Therefore it is important to just avoid feeding cherries altogether to your dog because you do not want to risk having your dog experience these health concerns when eating cherries.

This warning includes all types of cherries include but not limited to: wild cherry, ground cherry, cherry laurel, black cherry, choke cherry, prunus, and domestic cherry.

Cherries can be very toxic and therefore should be fully avoided when feeding fruits to your dog. If you have any concerns that your dog may have eaten cherries make sure you call your vet right away to book an appointment.