Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas

For those people looking for a healthy snack a great option in Chickpeas. My family loves chickpeas and they are a great source of protein. But the question is Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas?

There are a number of recipes that call for chickpeas such as hummus and salads. I’m sure as a dog owner you have been tempted to give your dog a little taste as well.

The issue though with some of these dishes is that garbanzo beans get mixed in with a number of other questions ingredients that may not be good for your dog.

To answer the question posed above you can say that dogs can eat cooked chick peas as long as the pet owner follows a few conditions. See below to learn more.

Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas? Yes, But Only Plain & Cooked

Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas

The answer has conditions. You can feed your dog chick peas as long as they are cooked and plain. Also you will only want to give your dog small amounts.

The best option is to purchase a grain-free dry dog food that has chickpeas with meat protein in it.

If you want to give your dog fresh cooked chickpeas it should only be a small portion and shouldn’t be too often. This food should not be a substantial part of your dogs diet.

One of the main benefits of feeding your dog chick peas is that it can help aid with digestion.

Type Of Chickpeas You Can Serve Your Dog

If you want to feed your dog chickpeas they need to be plain chickpeas that are cooked.

You want to make sure you thoroughly wash off the chickpeas you take out of the can as they contain a lot of added salt that is not good for your dog.

Once fully washed make sure they are fully cooked and cooled down before serving to your dog.

Is Hummus Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Hummus has a lot of processed ingredients and spices added into it that people love to eat but are not good for your dog.

Therefore hummus purchased at the store is not an appropriate food to be feeding to your dog because of all the extra unhealthy ingredients added.

However if you plan to make your own hummus which is just plain cooked chickpeas mashed up then that is a safer and healthier choice to feed to your dog.

In addition to it being better for your dog it is also cheaper.

Chickpeas With Other Foods

A lot of people enjoy eating chickpeas with other foods such as onions and garlic.

Both of these foods are risky to be feeding your dog.

If you want to feed your dog chick peas make sure its only plain ones without any added ingredients or foods.

Fiber And Protein

One of the benefits of feeding chickpeas to your dog is that chickpeas contain a large amount of protein and fiber which are great for your dog.

In addition these beans have very little or no cholesterol, sodium or saturated fat.

The only negative thing that comes with chickpeas is the added salt in the can which should be washed off before feeding to your pet.

Dog’s Digestion

One of the downsides of feeding your dog beans like chickpeas is that it could cause your dog to have excess gas. Therefore small portions are recommended.

Also giving your dog chickpeas can possibly improve your dog’s bowel movements. It will not fix your dogs constipation but it can help.


In conclusion to answer the question Can Dogs Eat Chickpeas? YES!

Make sure that they are bland and plain. Make sure they are cooked.

Ensure that no other ingredients or foods are included with the chickpeas.

And do not give your dog too many beans. Limit them to an occasional treat for your pet and you should be fine.

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