Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Can I Feed Grapes To My Dog?

No! You cannot feed grapes at all to your dog as they are toxic for them. Grapes toxicity level for dogs ranges between generally moderate to severe and therefore you should never try feeding grapes to your dog ever!

Not only are grapes toxic to your dog but raisins and even some currants are also toxic for dogs to consume. Even if a dog was to eat a small amount it could cause acute or severe kidney failure.

All types of grapes or mixes that contain this fruit can cause toxicity in a dog and should be fully avoided.

This means that even organic and pesticide free grapes are toxic to dogs. Including home grown grapes.

If your dog was to consume grapes they may experience the following symptoms:

abnormal drinking or urination

Additionally if this fruit is in other foods such as bagels, trail mix or even grape fruit juice it is also toxic to your dog.

Therefore if you think your dog has ingested some grapes make sure to call your vet immediately to book an appointment to get your dog checked out.

Some alternative names for grapes include: raisins, vitis, currants, and sultanas and they should all be avoided for your dogs diet.