Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Can Dogs Eat Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt is different than other yogurts in that is has a much higher concentration of protein compared to other varieties.

Additionally there are a lot of good probiotics in greek yogurt as well which makes it a healthy food.

Greek yogurt may be different than plain yogurt but it is still a dairy product and because of that it may upset a dogs stomach.

So can dogs eat greek yogurt?

Yes, but only in modest amounts.

It should only be an occasional treat because even though it has lots of protein it is not a natural fit for a dog’s diet.

It is still a dairy product and therefore can cause issues with a dogs digestive system and possibly cause bacterial cultures and diarrhea for a dog.


It really depends on if your dog’s stomach can handle it or not.

If you give your dog a little greek yogurt and their stomach can handle it you may give it to them as a little treat once in awhile.

However as mentioned above it can upset their stomach if given too much and isn’t the ideal food for a dog’s regular diet.

So make sure it is a special limited treat for dogs that can handle it.

Start small and see if your dog likes it.