Can Dogs Eat Guava?

Can Dogs Eat Guava?

Maybe. The answer depends on what part of the guava the dog is eating and how much they are eating. Like anything moderation is key to a dogs health. Too much guava can cause issues because of the sugar content. Additionally the stem and pit (stone) need to be completely avoided as they can be toxic to dogs.

Additionally the pit can be a choking hazard for dogs and should be avoided as they could die choking on the pit.

So the best option is to thoroughly wash the guava first and then cut it up into small cubes excluding the pit and stem and give only a few pieces to your dog as a treat. No more then a few pieces a couple times a week should be sufficient.

Things to Consider

As mentioned above only a few small pieces a week should be enough for your dog. If your dog eats more guava then this there could be some health issues they experience such as the following:

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • digestive issues
  • cramping
  • obseity

Therefore it is important to remember moderation when giving guava to your dog as a treat.


Maybe your dog can eat guava. As long as you follow the guidelines of a few small pieces per week and avoid the pit you should be fine feeding guava to your dog.

Also make sure to only feed fresh guava to your dog.