Can Dogs Eat Ice Cubes

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are great for cooling down drinks but can dogs eat ice cubes safely or not?

There are some rumors out there that ice cubes can be very dangerous for puppies or dogs to eat. However on the other hand it is also important to consider the importance of hydration when it comes to the safety of your dog.

The good news is that cold treats can be safe for dogs and are a great way to cool them down during the hot summer months.

However because you just go ahead and give your dog ice cubes to eat there are a few downsides that need to be considered.

So can dogs eat ice cubes? The answer is yes but they need to be crushed up.

Ice cubes can be a choking hazards to dogs and also they can stick to a dogs tongue.

In order to avoid these hazards you can crush up the ice cubes first and it will be a safer way for your dog to consume water and cool down at the same time.

Something to consider though is that some dog owners claim that giving ice to their dog has caused them to have bloating and vomiting. This is possible but pretty unlikely.

All you need to do is remember moderation. Many experts actually recommend ice cubes as a form of hydration for dogs on warmer days.

You just need to avoid damaging your dogs teeth and avoid choking hazards.

One good option is to do a mixture of water in a dog bowl along with crushed ice to help your dog hydrate and style cool.


Yes! Dogs can eat ice cubes but as long as they are crushed. Also moderation is important to not make your dog sick.