Can Dogs Eat Jello?

Can Dogs Eat Jello?

Jello (also known by it’s brand name of Jell-O) is a gelatin dessert that comes in a variety of flavors.

It is a very popular dessert that children love and it is great because it is easy to make and cheap to buy.

So Can Dogs Eat Jello?

Yes, but only a little bit.

Reason being is that it has a lot of sugar and it also is filled with artificial flavors.

Therefore the key here is moderation and obviously you can’t give as much to a little breed of dog compared to a bigger dog.

So some common sense is needed to make sure you don’t give to much to your doggie as it can potentially be very bad for their health.

If you are unsure just avoid feeding jello all together to your dog as it isn’t beneficial to their health and is only a treat.