Can Dogs Eat Marijuana

Can Dogs Eat Marijuana

Marijuana is a natural way for many people to relieve pain and other symptoms they may experience day to day but can dogs eat marijuana as well?

It may be a natural drug and put you in a state of calm but share this plant with your dog may be very controversial and may not be the best solution.

If you look at it a bit more closely it isn’t ideal for dogs to get high from weed as it can be an terrible experience for an animal. ¬†Even though it may help with problems such as arthritis there can be better alternatives for dogs.

There can be many side effects that come with smoking or eating marijuana and it would be best overall to avoid these issues when it comes to your dog.

So Can Dogs Eat Marijuana? No, not a good idea at all!

Drugs that are recreational of any kind should not be given to animals let alone dogs. This includes alcohol and other forms of drugs even if they are natural.

This means that you should not smoke marijuana around dogs either as they can get high from second-hand smoke as well. Your dog doesn’t have a choice to decline drugs and therefore it is best to not involve them in the situation at all.

Medicinal Cannabis Use

It is true that a lot of people use marijuana for medicinal uses to heal a lot of ailments but it is a bit of a reach to think that the conditions it can fix in humans can also have the same affect on dogs.

Just because marijuana can ease anxiety in people doesn’t mean it will have the same affect on dogs and shouldn’t be tried.

If your dog has tried marijuana in the past and doesn’t show any symptoms they should be fine but never try to give it to them again or never try to introduce weed into their lives for the first time as its bad for their health.

Not A Natural Option

Though weed may be a natural option for people it isn’t for dogs. Dogs cannot smoke weed and even though they can eat it doesn’t mean its right for them.

It may be possible that dogs could eat it by mistake but this is because they were looking for food and not because they wanted to effects of marijuana.

Therefore it is completely ridiculous to think a dog wants to get high on weed and they shouldn’t be given marijuana ever.


No, you cannot give marijuana to your dog. It can make them sick and also have other negative health effects on them.

As well it is possible that in your city marijuana is illegal as well which is another reason to not have weed in the first place.

So make sure you do not try to feed or give marijuana to your dog at all.