Can Dogs Eat Milk Thistle

Can Dogs Eat Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a supplement used by many to help detox the body in a natural way. It can help cleanse the liver along with other organs.

The great thing about this supplement is that milk thistle can benefit canine health as well. It is a great multi-purpose supplement that can help cleanse a dog’s body from toxins.

As mentioned above the most common use of this supplement is for liver detoxification in humans but it can also be used to help a dog’s liver as well.

In reasonable amounts milk thistle should be safe for dogs but the research on this supplement isn’t 100% conclusive.

So can dogs eat milk thistle at all?

Yes – they can as long is it is within moderation.

Ideally the best option for dogs is one that is chewable and designed specially for dogs. This is the easiest way to get your dog to eat milk thistle.

The other option is use a canine formulated liquid form milk thistle which can also be effective and has some positive reviews.

Why Does This Herb Work?

In the flower there is a thing called Silymarin which is a flavonoid. It helps release the toxins in the liver and helps regenerate cells.

This supplement can also be used to help strengthen a dog’s immune system.

Recommended Dosage

Ideally the best way to get the recommended dose is by speaking with a vet to get the right information.

However if you want to get a general idea is it roughly 10mg per pound of body weight, taken daily as a typical dosage. If a dog is in more serious condition then the vet may recommend a higher dose.

Other Uses

As we know milk thistle can help with liver detox but this supplement can be used for other things as well such as help with inflammatory bowel disease.

It can also help with other canine digestive issues.

Milk thistle can also possibly assist with skin problems which are associated with liver disease.  As well it can help with bacterial infections such as Leptospirosis and pancreas issues.

Milk Thistle & Heartworm

One condition that a lot of dogs suffer from is heart worm disease. It can be a very dangerous health concern for dogs and possibly cause death.

Heart worm disease occurs more when mosquitoes are present and it can seriously damage organs especially the liver.

Often times medications are used to treat or prevent heart worm disease and some of those supplements include milk thistle in them. It makes sense as this supplement helps detox the liver and prevent damage.

Therefore it may be a good option to speak with your vet about incorporating milk thistle with your dogs heart worm medication.


Yes, dogs can eat milk thistle and it is good for their health and their liver.

Remember moderation is very important. Speak with your vet about dosage and make sure to get a chewable format which makes consumption for dogs the easiest.