Can Dogs Eat Mints

Can Dogs Eat Mints

As a dog owner you may think to yourself from time to time that it could be a good idea to give my dog a mint to help deal with their awful breath. However it is really a good idea to give a mint to your dog? Can dogs eat mints in the first place?

Well to answer this question no dogs cannot eat mints at all for a number of reasons.

Some of the reasons include that mints are a choking hazard for your dog, they contain too much sugar and they contain an ingredient Xylitol which can lead to complications such as kidney failure and diabetes.

As well candies such as mints can cause your dog to develop cavities. This is a lot more likely to occur with your dog than in humans as you don’t regularly brush your dogs teeth as you would.

Cause Of Bad Breath

Even though you think giving your dog a mint would be a good idea to solve the bad breath it is not!

The reason your dog may be experiencing bad breath is because of gingivitis. If you notice any inflammation of the gums it would be best to take your dog to the veterinarian and get him or her checked out.

Your vet can tell you what needs to be done to heal them and hopefully solve the bad breath problem in the process.

Other Reasons For Bad Breath

The less obvious reason a dog may have bad breath is because of gastrointestinal disease.

As the mouth is part of the digestive tract it can get infected and create bad odors that are released from your dogs mouth.

It is important to remember you can’t always assume that your dogs bad breath is only cause because of lack of oral hygiene.

There could be surrounding medical issues that your dog is experiencing and taking your dog to the vet is the best option to help them with their health.

Regular Bad Breath

Dogs can also just experience regular bad breath caused by foods they have eaten and lack of oral hygiene.

There are doggie tooth pastes and bones that can be used on your dog to help with oral hygiene.


No you should never feed mints to your dog. It is bad for their health for a number of reasons and should be fully avoided.