Can Dogs Eat Navy Beans

Can Dogs Eat Navy Beans

Yes – dogs can safely eat navy beans and they are great for them too as long as they are prepared properly. Navy beans cannot be fed to dogs in some traditional dishes that most people would eat because some of the other ingredients are poisonous to dogs.

Most types of foods you would find navy beans in include:

  • Some baked items
  • Pork and Beans
  • White Chili

The reason dogs cannot eat these dishes above is because they are normally full of spices, sugars, garlic and onion and these foods can make a dogs stomach upset and also cause other health concerns.

Therefore when you are feeding navy beans to your dog you need to make sure they are thoroughly washes and plain.

Or possibly you can add in the navy beans with a protein that is safe for your dog to consume a more well balances dish.

The other positive thing about navy beans is that they do not lose their nutritional value in the canning process however it is best to feed fresh navy beans to your dog instead of canned ones as they have less preservatives.