Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Can Dogs Eat Olives?

Olives are a popular bite-size snack to eat with cheese and crackers and also to add to certain drinks.

Olives come in a variety of types which include green and black olives and also stuffed olives.

The one drawback of olives though is that they are soaked in ferrous sulfate or other type of brine which makes them very salty and unhealthy.

So can dogs eat olives at all?

No, it isn’t recommended for a dog to eat olives as there is too much salt content.

If a dog or coyote in the wild ate a olive it would be because they were starving and had nothing else to eat.

Additionally a dog in the wild wouldn’t have access to eat olives because they grow on olive trees and wouldn’t be able to reach it. Only olives that fell from the trees would be accessible.

Therefore it isn’t the best idea for a dog to eat olives because they don’t have any nutritional benefits for dogs and may have some negative impacts on their health.

As well olives with stuffing pose a whole new discussion of what could be bad for their health and should definitely be avoided.

So do not feed olives to your dog.