Can Dogs Eat Oregano

Can Dogs Eat Oregano

Oregano is a herb that is often used for is medicinal properties but is also used very often for cooking as well.  It is a natural remedy and is overall suited for dogs to eat and consume as well. It can be a pretty helpful herb for pet owners in general.

The great thing about oregano is that is can be easily incorporated into a dog’s diet. All you need to do is on a regular basis mix in a few oregano leaves into your dogs normal food.

One of the great benefits of oregano is that it can help combat your dogs arthritis issues.

In addition this herb is good for for treating such things as bee stings because of its antioxidant properties. There are many other useful ways that oregano can be used and its a very beneficial herb for dogs!

So Can Dogs Eat Oregano? Answer – Yes!

The great thing is you can use the natural oil or the fresh leaves to give to your dog. The important thing to remember is moderation.

Another great thing about this herb is that it has the ability to enhance aroma and taste of foods which included vegetables, roasted meat and fish. However as stated above the best fact is that it has a proven track record to be great for medicinal purposes.

Oil Of Oregano

I personally love oil of oregano because it is great for such things as sore throats and coughs for humans but it is also great for dogs too.

It can help prevent the spread of germs and is known to be an antiseptic.  Other properties it has is antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial. It basically helps reduce the dangers of viruses and bacteria.

As well topical treatments can be applied to wounds and rashes to help affected areas of your dog’s skin.

It is great to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy as well.

It can be at times difficult to give this herb to your dog directly as they will not like the taste of it but some other options are putting it in a tea or mixing it within your dog’s food.

Remember to never give your dog oil of oregano straight is it is very strong!

If you are worried about the side effects of oregano on your dog the best option is to speak with a vet before time to make sure you understand all the side effects of this herb.

Additional Uses

The list of things that oregano can help with does not stop here. As mentioned above it can help with sore throats, asthma, common cough and bronchitis.

It can also help with stomach problems, bloating and heartburn. The options are almost endless to what this herb can help your body and your dog’s body with.

It may help with some heart issues and infections such as UTIs.

It can also help alleviate pain from canker sores, acne, warts and ringworm.

Remember that not all of these things can apply to your dogs health but it is good to know some of the items it can help with on this list. If you want to know more specially what it can help with for your dog it is best to speak with your vet for more details.

Other Herbs Safe For Your Dog

Besides oregano there are some other herbs that are safe for your dog to eat as well. One of those is Milk Thistle which is very rich in antioxidants that can help prevent canine cancer.

Another well known herb that can be helpful for dogs is basil. Some of the things it can help with include treating high blood pressure, congestive heart failure and dilated cardiomyopathy.

Remember that all the herbs listed above should be discussed in more detail with your vet before giving to your dog. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dogs health and well being.


To sum up everything discussed in this article it is safe for you to feed your dog oregano.

It has a lot of health benefits for your dog and if given regularly within their food it can definitely benefit their health. Just remember that moderation is important as too much is always a bad thing.

Also never give straight oregano to your dog as it is far too strong.

Oregano can help such things as arthritis and treat wounds among many other things.