Can Dogs Eat Oreos

Can Dogs Eat Oreos

Answer: No it is not recommended that you feed Oreos to your dog even though there isn’t anything toxic within this cookie for dogs. The wafers actually do not contain enough chocolate to cause harm to a dog but still this snack isn’t a good option.

Can I Give My Dog Oreos?

As mentioned above Oreos are not a great treat idea for dogs for a few different reasons.

Mainly Oreos do not contain any nutritional value for dogs and therefore are a poor choice when it comes to diet options for dogs. The ingredients in this cookie are mainly for junk food and not even ideal for humans to eat.

Oreos contain lots of artificial ingredients that can make your dog sluggish and overweight over time.

What your dog should be really eat instead of this junk food is protein-packed treats which are low in calories.

Nutritional Facts

As mentioned above most of the ingredients in Oreos are artificial ingredients. The main ingredient is unnatural refined sugar which is definitely bad for canines.

The second ingredient is enriched flour which means it has been processed and synthetic minerals and vitamins have been added such as niacin and iron.

To make them extra sweet a high fructose corn syrup was added. And because they are so sweet your dogs could get addicted to this snack which would be very bad for their health.

Health Concerns

The health concerns with dogs eat Oreos is that it can lead to obesity, cause stomach issues and have long term negative affects on their health.


Oreos are bad for a dogs health and they should never be feed this cookie.