Can Dogs Eat Paprika?

Can Dogs Eat Paprika?

Technically yes dogs can eat paprika but it isn’t recommended you give it to them. So don’t be alarmed if your dog were to eat some food that had paprika on it and bring them to the vet right away but of course watch them for signs of health issues.

If a dog however was to get paprika in their eyes or inhaled it they would have issues with their lungs.

Therefore it is best to make you keep paprika away from your dog if possible.

Health Benefits?

Like most spices paprika does actually have some health benefits such as the carotenoids it contains. The two ones paprika has in particular are lutein and zeaxanthin which are good for helping with eyesight.

It helps keeps the vision sharp which is great for protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Additionally paprika contains Vitamin A which is also great for the eyesight.

Paprika also contains Vitamin E which helps with a dogs fur coat and helps support the immune system. There is also antioxidant properties found in paprika.


Yes, it is okay for your dog to have paprika within other dishes as long as that food is safe for them to eat.

However you should not be giving your dog paprika on a regular basis. There is the health risks of getting it in their eyes or hurt their lungs too.