Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

For seafood lovers shrimp is a staple of their seafood loving diet. When traveling to the coast there is nothing better than getting a plate of fresh shrimp.

Shrimp can be delicious, juicy and go great dipped in a cocktail sauce or steamed and drizzled with lemon.

Most people know that cats love to eat shrimp a a lot of cat foods are made with shrimp inside of it but can dogs eat shrimp as well? And is it good for them?

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp & Is It Safe For Them?

YES your dog can eat shrimp as long as it cooked and you only feed them a small amount.

You may have heard people say that raw meat is good for your dogs and that would be true. However shrimp is different because its loaded with bacteria.

If you were to give your dog raw shrimp you would be giving them shellfish toxicity which is very dangerous to them.

Therefore before you give your dog shrimp is though be thoroughly cooked and brought to the proper temperature before being served to your dog.

In addition even if a person at the store told you that raw shrimp was safe for sushi you shouldn’t trust them.

Nutritional Benefits

Are there nutritional benefits to feeding your dog cooked shrimp? No, not really.

If you think about it a dog’s ancestors definitely were not eating shrimp as they are found at the bottom of the ocean.

There are much better options available for protein for your dogs besides shrimp.

Some better sources of protein include: salmon, poultry and beef.

The good thing about shrimp though is that is has the minerals iron, calcium, and phosphorous which help speed up metabolism and strengthen the teeth and bones.

Additionally shrimp is low in calories and easy for your dog to digest.

Some of the negative impacts of eating shrimp for your dog include the high cholesterol levels that shrimp contain.

This is bad for their diet because it makes dogs gain weight and is hard on their cardiovascular system.

Preparing Shrimp For Your Dog

If you still want to give your dog shrimp there are a few things you should do to prepare the shrimp for your dog.

  • Remove the veins
  • Peel the shrimp
  • Remove the tale
  • Cut it into small pieces
  • Make sure its thoroughly cooked to the right temperature

It’s important to note that the skin is tough and difficult for your dog to eat. Along with the tail they can get stuck in your dogs throat and become a choking hazard.

Dogs do not have the right type of teeth to be able to grind up the tail or skin and therefore it should not be left on the shrimp.

As well the skin is very difficult for a dog to digest.

When cooking the shrimp make sure it is not fried. The large amount of fat would either cause inflammation of the pancreas or give a dog an upset stomach.

Also avoid putting butter on the shrimp. Your dog does not need the extra salt which can cause increase in blood pressure and/or lead to dehydration.

Make sure the shrimp has no onion or garlic powders on it as this is toxic to your dog especially in the powdered form.


Can dogs eat shrimp? Yes but its not a dietary necessarily for dogs and should only be given in small amounts.  Also the shrimp needs to be prepared properly first.

Dogs aren’t meant to be eating shrimp and there are much better sources of protein available for your dog to eat.