Can Dogs Eat Skittles

Can Dogs Eat Skittles

No – it is not recommended that you try and feed skittles to your dog because they are a candy and they contain a lot of sugar. They are not toxic for dogs but they have no nutritional values and have some downsides such as that they can be a choking hazard. In the long run they can cause dogs to gain weight, get diabetes, and experience other health concerns.

Detailed Answer

Although skittles do not contain chocolate or xylitol which are two toxic ingredients for dogs often found in candies this food is still not good for them to eat.

Skittles contain saturated fats, artificial flavors and sugar that are definitely not good for a dogs health.

As well sugary candies can cause dogs to have issues with their teeth as well.

What Happens If Dogs Sneaks A Skittle?

If your dog happens to sneak a few skittles then you should watch them closely for a day or two to make sure you don’t notice any health issues they may be having.

If you notice that your dog is acting differently you may want to contain a vet to get a second opinion to make sure they are alright.

Most likely your dog will be fine if they have a few skittles but just keep a close eye on them.


No – dogs cannot eat skittles at all. They are not toxic for them but they come with a wide range of health issues for dogs. They can cause obesity, diabetes concerns, bad teeth, and be a choking hazard.

Avoid skittles altogether for your dog.