Can Dogs Eat Spam?

Can Dogs Eat Spam?

Have you ever wondered to yourself – can dogs eat spam? I’ve run out of kibbles and have spam in the house so surely I can feed it to my dog? Well the answer is no you cannot feed spam to your dog at all!

The reason being is that even though spam is mainly made of pork shoulder meat it also contains a very large amount of salt which is very bad for a dogs health.

Salt is not good for humans and it is even worse for dogs. It can lead to sodium ion poisoning which can be fatal to dogs.

Therefore it is best to avoid spam altogether when it comes to foods that you feed to your dog.

Spam can also cause a dog to become fat which is another health concern.

On top of all these issues one of the common flavors of spam is garlic which is extremely toxic to dogs and should also be completely avoided.

In conclusion, even though dogs are carnivores in nature they cannot eat spam at all as it is bad for their health and could ultimately lead to death.