Can Dogs Eat Spinach

So you have asked yourself the question today: can dogs eat spinach? Do you want to know if spinach is good or bad for you dog? Find out the answer below by reading this easy to follow simple guide.

Can Dogs Eat Spinach

In the wild a dog normally eats only meat and will find and kill any animal that it can eat.

If it is unable to find meat it a dog will resort to eating vegetables.

However dogs have evolved since being pets and living with humans and their diets have changed. Now dogs are accustom to eating a lot of the same foods that people eat.

As an owner of a dog its difficult to tell at times what foods are good for your dog and what food is bad.

Sometimes you have to resort to reading the label of products or speaking with a veterinarian. The other option is to talk with people who own dogs or local pet store employees.

You need to be careful what you feed your dog because some foods can be very harmful for your dog and even cause death.

Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

The short answer to the question is YES!

Dogs can eat spinach and it can be a beneficial part of their diet. However on the other hand getting your dog to eat it and enjoy it is another story.

There are many dogs that will beg for spinach and then decide after they try it that they hate it.

However this leafy green vegetable is safe for your dog to have.

One thing that is important to consider though when feeding your dog spinach is that you need to consider moderation.

Too much leafy greens for your dog is unhealthy.

Make sure that you start slowly and see if your dog can tolerate eating spinach. Sometimes it may upset their stomachs so you do not want to push it by giving them too much.

You can always give them spinach mixed in with other foods to balance out your dogs diet a bit more.


The beneficial benefits of giving your dog spinach is that it has Vitamins C and K.

These vitamins help promote healthy bones.

This will help your pup have a healthy and long life with strong and healthy bones.


One of the disadvantages of giving your dog spinach is that its high in oxalic acid.

This is not good for you dog because in higher quantities if can prove to be harmful to your dog’s kidneys.

Therefore it is very important that you do not give your dog large amounts of spinach as it can cause problems with their system.

How To Serve

Most people like to eat spinach just raw but for a dog this is likely to give them a stomach ache.

For a dog the best way to serve them spinach is to cook it first in order to not upset their stomach.

A dog’s digestive system is a lot different than that of a human and therefore you need to consider what you would feed a dog compared to yourself.


Can dogs eat spinach? YES.

They can eat spinach but only in small amounts and cooked.

This food should not be to main source of their diet and you should consider feeding your dogs other foods as well.