Can Dogs Eat Stuffing?

Can Dogs Eat Stuffing?

As you can probably imagine a lot of people during the holidays enjoy to eat such foods as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. One must wonder as a dog owner though if it is safe for a dog to eat stuffing as well?

The quick answer is No you should not be trying to feed stuffing to your dog because there are many toxic ingredients in stuffing that should be avoided.

Some ingredients possibly include garlic and onions which are toxic for dogs and in large amount can make them very sick or kill them.

Therefore it just isn’t worth the risk to be sharing your holiday stuffing with your dog because in the long run it can do a lot more harm then good.

It is best to stick with safe and healthy foods when it comes to your dog. You don’t want them to get sick or even worse kill them.

So in summary no you should never try and feed stuffing to your dog.